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FKL News and Updates:

March 22, 2018:
This week is a critical point in the budget process.  State aid for libraries is NOT in the House budget and it is NOT in the Senate budget. 

The House and Senate will be appointing a Conference Committee to work out the differences in the two budgets and as part of that process they COULD RESTORE STATE AID TO PUBLIC LIBRARIES.  But they are not going to do it unless they hear from constituents–from library friends and supporters.

We Can Make a difference here.  Please call the Legislative Research Commission Message Line at 800-372-7181 and leave a message for your Representative, your Senator–or all legislators asking them to restore state aid to libraries. The Message Line is open until 9:00 pm and it only takes a few minutes–so please make the call.  Even if you have already made the call, please call again.  

Many of our public libraries are going to be severely impacted if they lose state aid–especially since they are at the same time facing significant increases in the cost of employee pensions.  It has only been a few years now that we can proudly say we have public libraries serving folks in every county–Let’s not go backwards.

Please make the call.


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